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As companies cautiously manoeuvre their way through hard economic times, the traditional methods that have served your enterprise for decades no longer seem to work. Company Leaders are tasked with identifying and leveraging the activities that deliver a competitive edge and are of immense value to the firm. Core competencies are central to operations, whereas non-core activities are considered incidental, peripheral, or, sometimes, an expensive distraction.

ZillionGigs is a helping organisations reimagine the way they carry out their operations. It is a crowdsourced task management platform which helps organisations build their on-demand, flexible and scalable workforce. It allows organisations to transition from a fixed cost model of operations to a completely variable cost model while preserving the quality of delivery.

Catalog Solution

Running an eCommerce business is easy when you have a website. You have an online store ready for any customer to look through your products and purchase at any given time. A good way to maintain a product directory is through catalogs. ZillionGigs makes it easier for you to develop your product catalogs by providing you with a professional team that’s trained to do so.

Online Catalog Conversions

If you are planning to start an eCommerce store or want to begin an online directory for your physical store, ZillionGigs team of experts can help you create an online catalog from excel sheets, PDFs, databases, emails, scans and more.

What We Offer

  • Document warehousing and word processing
  • Changing product catalogs as required
  • Removing old services and products from the lit
  • Converting digital formats into symbols/texts
  • Making new catalogs
  • Updating prices
  • Uploading and updating catalog information
  • Managing the document workflow
  • Collecting information from various sources
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning
  • Optical mark recognition (OMR)
  • Optical mark recognition (OMR)

Catalog Building

Use online catalogs to leverage the internet’s selling power. We can set the ball rolling by helping you create new catalogs online or converting the ones you have on paper into aesthetically appealing online catalogs. Our catalog management services can help you make your online presence felt, helping you widen your reach and increase your bottom line.

What We Offer

  • Compliance to rules related to indexing images and references
  • Pool of experts skilled at content management
  • Compliance to editorial guidelines
  • Latest catalog indexing and catalog building software
  • Cost-effective catalog processing
  • Faster turnaround time
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Better information display
  • Expertise in marketing services/products online
  • Accurate catalog indexing and catalog building services
  • Multilingual proficiency
  • Expertise in creating user-friendly catalogs

Catalog Updation

Once you’ve built a catalog, you’ll need to maintain it. Our team of experts are capable of extracting information from any given source including paper brochures/catalogs, supplier website, etc.

What We Offer

  • Updating and adding product information
  • Providing product titles and descriptions
  • Including shipping details
  • Using ideal product images
  • Categorizing products appropriately
  • Providing store information
  • Providing part numbers
  • Including pricing details for products

Customized Product Catalog Maintenance For You

O2I's Product Catalog Maintenance service provides a customized solution for clients based on their online catalog management requirements. Clients can expect a tailor-made process to update their online store on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on their needs. O2I's Product Catalog Maintenance professionals are highly trained in customized product catalog applications and software made to produce the best results. However, if another type of software is preferred, we will happily accommodate it.

O2I is experienced in online catalog management for a diverse array of product lines, such as motorbike parts, men's and women's apparel, property, books, music paraphernalia, electronic gadgets and household items. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Catalog Processing

Adding to catalogs include maintaining an array of images and descriptions that are ideal to the product. ZillionGigs team of dedicated members can help you with processing your catalogs from any source, including hard copy catalogs, online catalogs, scanned images and more. In case you feel like your storefront already has a well built catalog, our team of experts can help you with maintaining and perfecting your eCommerce store. We use top notch catalog processing software that is handled by a team of experts.

Experience Our Service

  • Cost effectiveness– customers can save over 65% on operating costs
  • Efficient and accurate catalog conversion
  • Best-in-class catalog processing software
  • Strict quality control
  • Skilled catalog processing professionals
  • 24/6 communication
  • Secure FTP access
  • Faster turnaround

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