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As companies cautiously manoeuvre their way through hard economic times, the traditional methods that have served your enterprise for decades no longer seem to work. Company Leaders are tasked with identifying and leveraging the activities that deliver a competitive edge and are of immense value to the firm. Core competencies are central to operations, whereas non-core activities are considered incidental, peripheral, or, sometimes, an expensive distraction.

ZillionGigs is a helping organisations reimagine the way they carry out their operations. It is a crowdsourced task management platform which helps organisations build their on-demand, flexible and scalable workforce. It allows organisations to transition from a fixed cost model of operations to a completely variable cost model while preserving the quality of delivery.

Data Solutions

Our pool of resources aim to help you cover large-scale data projects over a short span of time and with complete accuracy, while allowing you to save your internal resources for more pressing work. Our workforce is qualified, reputed and efficient, consistently working towards providing you with data solutions that will transform your business.

Search Relevance

According to statistics, in a regular e-commerce platform, consumers are more likely to use the search bar for suitable products and are 3 times more likely to make a purchase if they find what they are looking for.

What We Offer?

Our services include running customer search queries on a regular basis, identify the questionable searches and fix them to ensure that consumer searches always provide ideal and top class searches.

How it works?

Data Categorization

ZillionGigs helps you save both time and money by providing you solutions for data categorization, a cumbersome activity that could otherwise pull down your internal resources. With crowdsourcing, you can be confident that larger quantities of data are worked on efficiently, rapidly and precisely by our expert team.

We Have Several Types Of Data Categorization

Product categorization: Using relevant product hierarchy to classify products.

Business categorization: Using customer defined hierarchy to classify businesses, bringing to light businesses which are most likely to convert.

User-generated content: Classifying user-generated images, videos and Q&As so that businesses can gain from these valuable assets.

How does categorization work?

We understand your hierarchy and place items into relevant positions by clicking through your category tree for the best fit. Our team also uses the category suggest feature to simplify the process. Wherever necessary, our team will assign multiple categories to the item. However, once the best category is found and chosen, another member of the team will verify before it is sent back to you as a batch or in real time through our programming interface.

Data Tagging

We help your business succeed by adding relevance in the form of content and data tagging. Our data specialists include multiple substantial tags on a regular basis, bringing improvements round the clock in search results and providing a finer search experience for your consumers. Services include everything from images to products.

Our data tagging services include:

  • Flawless: We like to fuse software intelligence with human cognition to provide results which have been both subjectively analysed and scientifically qualified. We verify our results with redundant tasks and Gold Standard Tasks to oversee quality and accuracy in real time.
  • Fast: Our large pool of talent ensures that what would otherwise take months to finish, is completed within a couple of hours.
  • Scalable: Our model works in a way that can be expanded or reduced as required.
  • Economical: Our solutions provide your enterprise quality results at half the cost, saving you time and resources.

How does data tagging work?

Our team is chosen to work on your business based on the demographics of your customer base, so as to ensure that tags are in-line with the expectations of your consumers. Improving the searchability of products or items on a website can raise the needle on conversion rates. Several tags are used on the products or items that are associated as part of your enterprise to help customers find what they are looking for despite variability in search terms. When consumers can find what they need from a website, they are more likely to go ahead with purchase decisions.

Data Deduplication

We help you duplicate your data quickly. Although algorithms can help identifying duplicates, human intervention can help confirm or dismiss such suggestions. Whether its matching similar products provided by different vendors or anything else, our team can review and offer correct information about duplicates, thus ensuring better and faster decision-making.

Our Services Include:

E-commerce Product Data - Our team deduplicates product catalogues marketplaces as well as retailers.

Business information - Our team takes all the information available about a company into consideration while identifying true duplicates.

User Contributed Data - Our team deduplicates datasets built using user-contributed information by reviewing everything.

How Does Data Deduplication Work?

Our team works towards deduplicating product catalogues for marketplaces and retailers. With multiple vendors submitting product details to a retailer or marketplace,, duplication can be problem. We review product information by comparing their images, attributes, description, etc. side by side.

Data Enrichment

We help you add more value to your existing database. From product information to company profile, our workforce ensure that your have all the information that you require, which is available and accessible on the internet, at your disposal. Our team also does research on every aspect of a product, so you have a structure information profile for each.

Our Services Include:

Product Content Data Extraction - We extract all product attributes from product content to create better, more detailed datasets.

Missing Data Identification - We scrape resources available online for missing product/business details.

How Does Data Enrichment Work?

Structured Dataset Creation We design structured datasets by identifying attributes that are most important and have the most impact.

Product Content Data Extraction Usually, while uploading products in bulk, detailed attributes arent updated. Our team extracts such attributes for each of the products, so the datasets are complete.

Missing Data Identification More often than not, manufacturers miss providing/updating important product attributes. Our teams searches for such attributes online to fill in the missing details, so you have complete information on all your SKUs.

Data Cleansing

We understand your existing data set, and our team will add points to your existing items. All sorts of information including data on specific products or company information or anything of yours that is on the internet can be augmented by our workforce. We also aim to fill in all missing product attributes which provide a wholesome and complete dataset for each product.

Common Data Cleansing Jobs

e-Commerce product data our workforce ensures that your product data is accurate throughout the website, by identifying any mistakes or errors.

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