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As companies cautiously manoeuvre their way through hard economic times, the traditional methods that have served your enterprise for decades no longer seem to work. Company Leaders are tasked with identifying and leveraging the activities that deliver a competitive edge and are of immense value to the firm. Core competencies are central to operations, whereas non-core activities are considered incidental, peripheral, or, sometimes, an expensive distraction.

ZillionGigs is a helping organisations reimagine the way they carry out their operations. It is a crowdsourced task management platform which helps organisations build their on-demand, flexible and scalable workforce. It allows organisations to transition from a fixed cost model of operations to a completely variable cost model while preserving the quality of delivery.


Real-time moderation for all content is taken care of by our stellar team of specialists. They ensure that all users are given the freedom to post, share and comment as they wish on the site, while maintaining the overall quality and reputation of your site.

Image Moderation

All images submitted by users are moderated by our workforce, keeping quality standards, the and style your website follows. Our team guarantees high standards at all time low costs.

Our Services Offered For Image Moderation Are:

Smart Quality Control: Maintaining the quality of the images submitted by users while retaining reputation of the site.

Image Value Enhancement: Adding metadata to images, image categorization and tagging to enhance moderation process.

How Do We Work?

Our services are run using a moderator interface that allows the team to look at numerous images quickly and accurately. The team uses tools that maintain quality and provide reasons for elimination of the pictures.

The same platform allows you to review and track the work completed by our team of moderators. We like to test the team with violators - images, which we know, violate the policies followed by you - as part of their process. If they do not reject these ‘known violators’, they are taken off the team.

Our team also adds metadata tags to the images you submit, to make your site more beneficial to the community it caters to. Additionally, services like image moderation and tagging can also be combined with this process.

Video Moderation

If you believe that the videos submitted by your users should go up immediately, but not without being checked - worry not. We have your back. Our team of specialists will conduct an extensive and cost-effective moderation for all the videos you need, covering everything from obscenity to relevance. We provide a speedy turnaround time and superior accuracy, leaving your workload reduced and creating a superior site.

Our Services Include:

End-to-end moderation:complete review of the video to pick up on any violations and producing accurate judgements on the quality of the video.

Still-image moderation: selecting still images at certain timestamps to pick up on violations

Advanced moderation: integrating both end-to-end moderation and still-image moderation to provide a thorough review of the video

Video supplements: adding meta-data, tagging, titling, categorizing to improve search results, as well as transcription if required.

End-To-End Moderation

Our team of moderators will look through the entire video for content violations, based on your guidelines. Often times, not all violations can be recognised from the surface. Moderating a video from the start to the end and provide accurate judgements and changes to the video.

Advanced Moderation

Advanced moderation brings together both end-to-end moderation and still image moderation, ensuring that the video is thoroughly moderated as per your guidelines.

Video Supplements

  • Data enrichment – Our moderators are trained to provide relevant metadata to tag, title and categorize videos, helping your customers through the site navigation and search.
  • Video transcription – Our team of moderators can transcribe your videos verbatim or with specific content, as per your guidelines. With this, we aim to help you improve your presence online and drive traffic towards your business.

Comment Moderation

Reviewing comments submitted by users in real-time makes a lot of difference to the community that returns to your site. Our team provides consistent and unbiased moderation for comments published on your site, using several layers of moderation to protect online communities and build the reputation of your site.

What We Offer

Compliance moderation: reviewing comments submitted by users based on clientele terms and policies.

Internal moderation: tagging comments created by communities, to be recognized by internal teams such as sales, customer service, operations and more.

Automated moderation: automatically catch inappropriate comments or keywords in comments, based on clientele terms and policies

Benefits Of Comment Moderation

  • Guideline Compliance - Run and monitor contests/sweepstakes, ensuring that comments/responses are in line with promotional guidelines.
  • Community Ownership - Run large online communities where it is safe for users to comment comment and share content.
  • COPA & Cyber Bullying - We will identify and flag violations, so they can be taken care of.
  • Brand Protection - We work towards protecting your brand identity across channels by minimizing the effect of inappropriate user-generated content.

Sentiment Analysis

Our solutions for sentiment analysis reads into how your users respond to your brand, your products and your services in real-time across multiple channels. We provide you with the chance to understand the emotion that your consumers are portraying on any element of your brand, helping you understand where you lack and giving you the chance to find trends that are most pertinent to your business.

What We Offer

Social media: analysis of context, tone and emotion associated with the brand on any social media platform

Blogs and media: analysis of what influencers are spreading about your brand

Product and service reviews: analysis of customer reviews based on what they think about the brand, products or services.

How Do We Work?

Our dedicated team creates questions based on the goals you want to achieve. Each question is answered by your consumers in the form of comments and we analyze these comments to understand the emotion associated with your brand. The results are provided to you in real-time and with efficiency.

What To Analyze

  • Social Media – Know what customers think of your brand by analyzing tone, comments, context and emotion expressed across social platforms.
  • Blogs and Media – Pick up on what influencers have to say about your brand/product/service.
  • Product and Service Reviews – Understand what customers feel about specific elements/aspects of your product/service.

How We Work

  • Our advanced application programming interface can ingest data at scale, ensuring real time analysis across platforms.
  • Our team of account managers work with you to manually send/receive data (through excel sheets) that require analysis
  • As a part of our moderation solutions, we also analyze content for the sentiment inherent in it

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